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It is the most western of the Archipelago. Besides being one of the more interesting island from a naturalistic point of view, Alicudi remains one of the less explored of the archipelago.

In spite of the old appearance and the strong charm that Alicudi has on the tourists at first sight, it is one of the youngest island from a geological point of view. Some scholars have given in fact to the island less than 90.000 years. Today Alicudi is not very populated, the resident people are not even one hundred, and it is lacking a system of practicable roads.

In order to face the lava starways, which are to be found everywhere, you have to rely on your own feet or the pretty donkeys, which are bred on the island and carry goods and luggage from the port to the houses dotted across the hillside.

In spite of the decline of the agricultural activities, some inhabitants still cultivate the high plateau of the island and keep on breeding animals; for this reason the muletrack is in good conditions and accessible.

The island offers an extraordinary sequence of landscapes charcterized by beaches, backwaters, caves (grottos) and an uncontaminated sea rich with fish and lobster.

There are no discotheques, take aways, pubs, only a hotel with a bar and restaurant, two grocery stores and a news agency. However it is a charming place, where you can hide away and enjoy a different kind of holiday and experience a way of life long forgotten elsewhere.