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It is the nearest island to mainland Sicily and is separated from Lipari by a narrow stretch of sea (1.6 km) called Bocche di Vulcano. Considered in ancient times as the site of Efesto, God of Fire, it became Vulcano with the Romans.

The island has been desert for a long time because of the strong volcanic activity which has periodically characterized the big crater. Today this activity is limited to the fumarolic activity present almost everywhere in the island but mostly concentrated on the boards of the hollow and in the isthmus between Faraglione and Vulcanello.

It presents a stupendous contrast between the barren nature of its rocks and the intense blue of the sea. The Porto of Levante and that of Ponente, delimited by the penisula of Vulcanello constitute two splendid and contrasting beaches, one very coloured and the other with black volcanic sand.

The black sand beach is the most populated by bathers and is bordered by the Mermaids Rock on the left and on the right by the Valley of Monsters. It takes its name from the strange rock forms shaped by the wind and sea, among the black sand dunes.

Of the three principal craters (Mt. Aria and Mt. Saraceno are extinct) only the Cratere Grande, which faces the east harbour, has maintained its intense activity to this day. This great crater has a circumference, at its base, of 7 km. and forms a cone 386 metres high, with completely smooth sides showing traces of alum and layers of pure sulphur.

Vulcano famous international tourist destination for the pure cristal clear water is renowned as well for the natural hot mud baths, to which terapeutic properties are attributed.