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Stromboli is the only island with a spectacular and permanent volcanic activity. This kind of alternating eruptions is called stromboliana activity. A timorous respect is commanded by this young volcano of 100.000 years, maybe unique in the world for its three mouths in continous explosive activity. It pours lava as far as along the north west coast, called Sciara del Fuoco. The night flashes of the explosions and the charme of the spectacle of the erupting volcano is for certain something not to be missed at the Aeolian Islands.

Its territory appears not to be very accessible, but in spite of that, the few level areas in the past were cultivated and Stromboli had a well known production of Malvasia.
Today the resident population, about 500 inhabitants, live thanks to an economy based quite exclusively on tourism.Stromboli has two ports: the first one called Pertuso is on the south western side in the village of Ginostra.

It is the smallest natural port in the world, big enough for just one boat. The village of Ginostra, reachable only by sea because the old path along the coast, already difficult in the past "malopasso" is today impossible to be crossed with some landslides in various parts of the coast.

The second one, to the east, is the main one, more convenient but less romantic. It is called Scari of the village of San Vincenzo.

From here to Ficogrande and PiscitÓ there is a series of beaches of pebbles and fine black sand, typical of the island. Particularly suggestive nearby, in the sea, stands out Strombolicchio, a large crag which looks like a fortress. It is part of the internal and modified lava of the oldest volcano in the islands.