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The town on the south eastern coast of the island and bearing the same name as its island, is the principal centre of the Archipelago and numbers approximately 10,000 inhabitants.

In describing Lipari it is difficult to avoid getting carried away with romantic images and heady superlatives. The sunsets too, are frequently quite breathtaking. Lipari or Meligunis, as the Greeks called it because of its mild climate, has a surprising variety of scenery due to its geological complexity. The island offers numerous attractions not only connected to bathing but also in its landscapes and environmental characteristics.

All along the coast that from Canneto goes to the village of Acquacalda we can observe the casting of obsidian in the Forgia Vecchia (the old forge) and in the Rocche Rosse. We can see many white pumice beaches with the colours of the sea changing from turquoise to the deep blue creating a unique and striking view. In the past these areas were exploited for the extraction of the obsidian, a very important stone for the islands.

Of particular interest are: the Aeolian Archeoligical Museum which holds important exhibits of the ancient civilization of Archipelago, the Castle. Built by the Spanish after the raid of Barbarossa, the Cathedral of Norman epoch but strongly modified in the baroque epoch.

The thermal establishments of S. Calogero, situated on the western coast, have very ancient origins and one avails of water which gushes out at a temperature of 60 degrees into two external basins with two big palms.

The spa of S. Calogero, which has been built in the second half of the nineteenth century, takes its name from the saint who, according to the Medieval tales, would have made the waters flow again Lipari is the most central and convenient base for daily excursions to the other islands.